November 2020 Youbou Connector

November 2020 Youbou Connector

Christmas Craft Fair

Youbou Hall will once again be hosting the annual Christmas Craft Fair on Saturday, November 28. The show will fill the upper and lower floors of the hall, although it will be smaller than usual, due to Covid-19 safety protocols. A maximum of 23 tables will showcase homemade crafts and gift ideas. The show will be open from 10 am to 2 pm but, because of Covid guidelines, no concession food or beverages will be available.

League Bowling Registration Open

If you’re interested in Youbou league bowling (Tuesday men, Wednesday mixed, Thursday ladies, Sunday mixed, all from 7 to 9 pm), contact Cowichan Lake Recreation at 250-749-6742 ext 0 to register. The fall season is a shortened series: 4 sessions for $40. Playing starts on Tuesday, November 17 and wraps up on Sunday, December 13. Sorry, you can only register for the entire series, due to Covid protocols. Also due to Covid safety, the alley cannot welcome drop-ins or guests during bowling hours.

Pickleball at Youbou Hall

Youbou Hall is home to indoor pickleball on foul-weather Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings this fall. Interested players must join the CVRD pickleball program for a 6-month- ($85) or year-long ($125) membership. Anyone wishing to play on a certain day must pre-register within 72 hours of the desired play time. Membership and registration can be done through www.reccowichan.caor at the arena office at 250-749-6742, ext. 0.

Congratulations to…

Cassy’s Coffee House for winning the Citizen of the Year award in the Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce Business and Community Excellence Awards. You make Youbou proud!

Halloween, Yoo-Boo Style

A perfect crisp, colourful fall day made our Youbou outdoor Halloween celebration a haunting success. The decorations went up early all around town. Thanks to the homeowners who played a role in making our town look merry not scary. Hopefully, Youbou will win some accolades in the CVRD yard decorating contest. Winners will be announced on November 12.

The YCA decorating team went to work on Saturday morning on a spooky Youbou fishing boat float, complete with skeleton pirates even a skele-dog. The float rolled through town around 4 pm followed by one of Youbou’s finest fire trucks. The costumed parade crew delivered candy in a Covid-safe way to little ones along the way, via fishing poles and fish nets.

Little princesses and super-heroes got started on their sugar rush by decorating spooky cookies at the Youbou Pub & Grill. Trick or treating was game-on at 5 pm, starting at the hall with candy shooting down an elaborate chute. Then the action happened all over town, with a special emphasis on Swordfern Way, where home-owners got very creative with their Covid-safe candy delivering systems. We expect some of our spectacular costumed revelers to hit the jackpot in the CVRD virtual costume contest. Winners will be announced on November 12.

Meanwhile, the Jack O’Lantern judges were making the rounds, evaluating the results of all the creative pumpkin carving. It was a tough job, but winners had to be found for our four categories: scariest, funniest, most Youbou-like, most unique. There was bribery, arm-twisting, name-calling, and shameless campaigning, but in the end the judges reached a consensus and their decision is absolutely final. Check out the winning pumpkins in this newsletter. The prize for the winner in each category was a $25 gift certificate to support each of our Youbou businesses, courtesy of the Youbou Community Association. The most unique pumpkin earned the family of Alister Capeling a gift certificate for Shop & Save. The scariest pumpkin belonged to Don and Doreen Kirkpatrick, who won a gift certificate to Daly’s Auto Centre. ??? carved the funniest pumpkin and secured a gift certificate to the Youbou Pub & Grill. The most Youbou award went to ????, whose pumpkin was being devoured by an elk in front of the judges. How much more Youbou can you get? ??? won a gift certificate to Cassy’s Coffee House for her (and the elk’s) efforts.

After the treats were collected, the haunted fishing boat was docked, and the pumpkins were being eaten by marauding elk, it was time to wind down. A number of families toasted and roasted around socially bubbled bonfires in their yards. Even though we couldn’t gather for the big fireworks display at the school, we watched some pretty spectacular fire-works going off around the lake, courtesy of private homeowners. Thanks to everyone for rising to the occasion and making Yoo-Boo Halloween 2020 one of our most memorable.

Special thanks go to:

Youbou Volunteer Fire Department: For sharing a shiny red fire truck for our haunted highway drive-through. Kudos to Richard for washing and driving the truck and Lori for handing out the candy.

Daly’s Auto Centre: For lending the flatbed tow-truck to serve as our haunted fishing float.

Youbou Pub & Grill: For hosting the spooky cookie decorating event.

Dave and Judy: For loaning us the pirate boat.

Connie: For inspiration and enabling the use of the haunted house props.

Youbou Community Association: For donating goodie bags for the kids and prizes from local businesses for the Jack O’Lantern contest. Also for decorating throughout town, as well as decorating and staffing the haunted pirate parade float.

CVRD: For offering the candy shute at the hall and hosting the virtual costume and home decorating contests. Thanks to Vicki for orchestrating and to Bee, Rose, and Susanne for volunteering.

Lesley and Sally: For decorating the Youbou Welcome sign.

Haunted boat decorators (and riders): Al, Eva, Garry, Lori, Bee, Dave, Julia, Randall, Debbie, Connie, and Cheryl. Thanks to Garry for driving the truck.

Liza: For organizing the trick-or-treat event at Swordfern.

Pumpkin Carvers and Home Decorators: Thanks for making the day really special!

Are You a Member?

The Youbou Community Association is involved in helping community activities happen, such as the recent Halloween fun, hall dances, the garage sale, and many other events throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us. A family lifetime membership is just $10 and is a key to knowing what’s going on around Youbou. We’ll email you our colourful community newsletter every month. To join, reach out to

Got News?

If you’d like to contribute news for the newsletter about a public event happening (or not happening) in or around Youbou and Area I, please send particulars about date, time and place to You can also check our web site at youbouyca.comand our facebook page for the latest information.

Your YCA Board

Chair: Julia Martinusen

Co-Chair: Lori LaFave

Secretary: Randall Wilson

Treasurer: Spencer Day

Social: Eva Fearon

Garry Fearon

Publicity: Allan Gott

Membership: Cheryl Morgan

At large: Jill Bradley

At large: Debbie Smith

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