March/April 2024

March/April 2024

YCA 2024 Calendar

At our recent board meeting, the Youbou Community Association finalized some of our 2024 dates. Make a note or post on the refrigerator:

March 3: Euchre at Youbou Hall, 1 pm

April 20: Earth Day Broom Bust at Christopher Rock, 9 am

May 25: Youbou Community Garage Sale

June 1: Area I Clean-Up at Meade Creek Recycling Centre

July 20: 3rd Annual Crab Fest

August 10: Youbou Regatta concession

September 28: Octobeerfest at Hall

October 31: YCA Ghoulfish pond at Halloween

November 23: Youbou Christmas Craft Fair concession

December 31: New Year’s Eve Dance


These plans will also be posted on and in the monthly Connector newsletter. It’s never too late to bring up other ideas. Also, some events, such as Witch’s Paddle, Haunted House, and New Years’ Polar Plunge are organized by community volunteers and supported by YCA as requested.


Euchre Play

Beginners and seasoned Euchre players are welcome to join in the fun on Sunday afternoon, March 3 at 1 pm. To fund the prizes, players are asked to contribute a toonie to join the fun. Bring snacks to share and a winning attitude.


RIP “Bob”

On the morning of Sunday, February 25, Youbou residents woke up to the news that our most famous elk, “Bob”, had been hit and killed during the night on the Youbou highway near Bremner road. Impact from a car going too fast was the cause of his demise. The outpouring from the community has been great in the sharing of photos, art, and commemorative memorabilia, there is another way to express ourselves. Speeding cars are too frequent and dangerous in our village. Area I Director Karen Deck has laid the groundwork for a Speedwatch program in Area I, in conjunction with the RCMP. So far, volunteers have raised their hands in the Marble Bay area, but no one from Youbou. It seems that this tragedy may present an opportunity for those who want to take action so this kind of accident doesn’t keep happening. Contact Karen Deck to find out how to join the Speedwatch program and turn your grief into something positive.


Youbou Community Music Fest News

By Heidi Kulzer, Youbou Community Music Fest volunteer

February 17th brought another successful dance to Youbou Hall, this time with Bad Moon Riders and the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival, with a Valentine’s theme. We raised $635.00 for the Lake Cowichan Food Bank. Our 50/50 winner was Jilly Murphy with a total of $545.00. The shuttle bus, sponsored by Remax Generation in Lake Cowichan, was a success. We understand guests came from Victoria, Thetis Island, and Chemainus, as well as a reporter from Black Press. Our volunteers, as always, simply rocked it!

  This was the third dance from Youbou Community Music Fest, following the West Coast Slackers/ Country Rock in September and Mary Jane’s Last Dance/Tom Petty Tribute in November. These bands all came from the mainland and each expressed the same sentiment after performing: “Youbou is a beautiful, amazing community. We were pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased at how the crowd engages and gets right up dancing from the start to end.” The bands conclude they all would like to come back. We certainly know how to enjoy ourselves and have a great time. Thank you to all who created such a fabulous experience and feedback! 
The volunteer organizers are taking a couple of weeks off, then sliding right into working on our next dance on April 20. Stay tuned for announcements on our Facebook page @YoubouCommunityMusicFest


Artistic Opportunities Abound

The Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society (CLAC) is ramping up the art classes being offered at the former Cassy’s Coffee House. For complete details on classes scheduled this spring and to sign up, go to at Here’s a brief look at what’s in store for the creative spirits among us:

Water Colour Painting: Tuesdays, 10 am, March 12th to April 30th: An 8-week master brush stroke for daubers and dabbers. $40 for CLAC members; $60 for non CLAC members.

Coil Pottery Workshop: Saturdays, 10 to 4 pm, March 16 and 23, April 6 and 13: A 4-session immersion into crafting oversized vessels. It’s not just a pottery class; it’s a laid-back, creative escape that lets your imagination run wild to shape some seriously impressive pieces, one coil at a time. $75 for CLAC members; $95 for non CLAC members.

Faux Stained Glass: Saturday, April 13, 12 to 4 pm. In this one-day workshop, discover the artistry of stained glass in a creative experience that lets your true colours shine. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artist, expert instructors will guide you to craft your own vibrant masterpiece. $40 for CLAC members; $60 for nonmembers.


Fun at the Pub

Let your taste buds travel this month at the Youbou Bar & Grill with two delicious buffet nights, both starting at 5:30. Italy is the delectable destination on Saturday, March 9, and Greece is the tantalizing tour on Saturday, April 13. And, starting on March 3, Sunday brunches are a weekly event from 11 am to 2 pm. If liquids are more your thing, whet your appetite for a gin tasting on April 27. It’s always good to make reservations when heading to the pub for a special event.


Earth Day Broom Bust

Celebrate Earth Day with an assault on invasive species on Saturday, April 20. Join us at the upper parking lot above Youbou Hall between 9 am and noon. We’ll focus on the lower part of our beloved Christopher Rock trail to bust the broom and blackberry vines. You don’t need to climb the rock to participate. Bring your own tools, water, and gloves or grab tools from the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society trailer on site. The Youbou Community Association will cook up some hot dogs for the volunteers. For those wishing a preview of the new upper loop we’re blazing this year, the Trail Blazers can lead an exploratory hike after lunch.


Batter Up for Spring Season

Youbou’s own slow-pitch coach, Al Capeling, says it’s not too early to gauge slow-pitch interest for the 2024 season. He would love to form a kid’s team. If you know of 11- or-12-year-olds who might like to play on a Youbou team to practice at Little League Park, contact him at Likewise, if you’re interested in spring and summer plan on the Youbou Greens adult team, contact Al as well.


Area I Director Meeting

On February 24, Area I Director Karen Deck held a meeting at the Youbou Church lower hall. While the meeting was originally intended to be an informal, drop-in conversation, it changed to a more traditional presentation, with questions and answers, when about 40 people showed up. The room was packed; many attendees were standing throughout the meeting.

The main topics that arose were the recent proposal to increase taxes to acquire more parkland, road issues, the weir, and the request to change the name of Coonskin Creek.

 On the tax question, Karen shared that the park acquisition vote would be coming up again due to procedural issues. Most of the attendees were not in favour of raising taxes to fund more parkland acquisition at this time. It was pointed out that Area I already has an abundance of parkland, much of it undeveloped. After the meeting, a facebook petition on Youbou Connection was started on the issue to inform Karen of constituents’ preferences. If you’re uncomfortable with the public facebook poll, email Karen directly.

 Pertaining to road issues, Karen talked about the new sweep schedule of twice a year. Residents questioned the type or sweeper and the frequency. Others expressed frustration with drainage issues. While Ministry of Transport has jurisdiction over roads and ditches, Karen promised to continue her frequent dialogue with that department.

 On the weir, the recently approved BC budget includes funding to build the weir, however it is unclear what entity would hold ownership and liability for the structure. Meeting attendees expressed a desire that the CVRD should not have a governing role nor assume any liability and that either the federal or provincial governments should take on that responsibility.

 The topic of Coonskin Creek’s name is complex and is evoking great passions on both sides of the debate. Please read the accompanying article for information.

  On any of these issues, Karen encourages residents to contact her by phone or email to ask questions or express opinions. Contact her at or 250 252 6526. Note that the name of her official facebook page has changed to facebook/ Karen Deck, CVRD Area I Director-Youbou/Meade Creek.


What’s In a Name?

Apparently a lot, according to recent conversations about whether or not to rename Coonskin Creek in Youbou. The CVRD recently received a communication from the BC Geographical Names Office (bet you didn’t know we had one!), saying the term “Coon” could have a racist connotation and would the CVRD support exploring a name change? The question came up on the agenda of a CVRD Directors meeting and the Directors, including Area I Director Karen Deck, voted that the name should change.

  At a subsequent community meeting at the Youbou Church, frustrated residents expressed concern that their opinions on the name change were not considered. Some voiced resentment at changing a long-time creek name that is historically tied to raccoons. Back in the day, the name had backwoodsy, quirky Youbou charm, but is it offensive in today’s world of cultural sensitivities, especially when shortened to Coon creek? Some conceded that the word “Coon” does have a double meaning that is offensive to certain cultural groups, but expressed dismay at the lack of notification from the CVRD on the issue.

 Area I Director Karen Deck will organize a meeting at Youbou Hall for residents of Youbou/Meade Creek (Area I) to express their opinions regarding the creek name. Those not able to attend the meeting could submit their written comments. Karen has contacted the department responsible for public engagement to find out when the public input stage will begin, as well as to see if comments sent now will be added to the record. If it is decided that the Coonskin name must change, then that would be a separate process and all interested parties would be consulted.

 Many wondered how name change request came about and how the process would work if the name is to be changed. Reprinted straight from the BC Geographic Names Office web site at is the following:


BCGNO Policy: Proposing a Name, Removing a Name, or Changing a Name
The BCGNO does not initiate any new names or name changes. A proposal to change, add or rescind a geographical name is required before the BCGNO can consider changes. Changing a place name consists of several steps. The processes to remove or rescind a place name and adopt a new name are similar, but establishing new names contains extra steps to ensure the new name is best suited for adoption.  All proposals will be shared for comment with respective local and Indigenous governments whose boundaries and territories include the feature, as well as with relevant regional organizations.

  1. Name change initiated by member of the public
  2. Name change application received by BCGNO and reviewed.
  • Note: Only complete application packages will be considered.
  • Names that will likely be considered forchanging: removal/rescinding of racist and derogatory names, restoring Indigenous place names, and names that meet standards established in the BC Geographical Naming Policy (the Policy).
  • Names that won’t be considered for adoption:Discriminatory or derogatory names; Company or commercial product names (unless there is long-standing local usage of the name); Commemorative names of living people or within two years of the passing of individual being commemorated; Names that are only in the interest of a single or special group; Names that violate other aspects of the Policy. 
  1. Engagement with affected groups about how the proposal would impact themandif there are other existing names (for new name proposals). Engagement includes requesting comments from Indigenous governments, local governments, regional organizations, search and rescue, and others. 
  2. Comments are evaluated and a decision is reached (approve, defer or reject) to adopt, rescind or re-name the feature.
  3. A robust notification process follows to ensure everyone is aware of any changes, and that official maps are adjusted accordingly.

March 3: Euchre, 1 pm, Youbou Hall

March 3: Weekly Sunday Brunch, 11 to 2, Pub

March 9: Italian Buffet, 5:30 start, Pub

March 16: Coil Pottery Class starts, 10 am, Cassy’s

March 23: Live music, Pub

April 6: Greek Buffet, 5:30 start, Pub

April 13: Faux Stain Glass Workshop, 10 am, Cassy’s

April 20: Earth Day Broom Bust, 9 am, Christopher Rock

April 20: Dance at Youbou Hall, TBD

April 27: Gin tasting, Pub

Tuesdays: TOPS: 10:30 am, Church

Tuesdays: Men’s Bowling, 7 pm, Alley

Thursdays: Women’s Bowling: 7 pm, Alley

Fridays: Family Bowling, Alley

Saturdays: Open Bowling, Alley

Saturdays: Movie night, 7:30 pm, Pub

Sundays: Brunch, 11 to 2 pm, Pub

Sundays: Mixed Bowling: 7 pm, Alley

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