May/June Youbou Connector 2024

May/June Youbou Connector 2024

Garage Sale Plans

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 25, for the annual Youbou Community Garage Sale. Let us know if you’re hosting a sale that day by emailing We’ll post a map and distribute balloons, so bargain hunters know where to find your treasures.


Youbou Annual Clean-Up

If you have garage sale leftovers or items past their prime, tote them to Meade Creek on Saturday, June 1, when we’ll be offering our once-a-year deal on tipping fees for Area I residents. Just show an ID with your Area I address and we’ll cover up to $30 of tipping fees per household. This clean-up is funded by your Youbou Community Association.


Weekly Garbage Pick-Up

If you don’t have enough trash for the Clean-Up, just fill your bin, because starting on Friday, June 21, weekly garbage pick-up will resume for the summer. That means you can start putting your trash container on the curb every Friday after June 14. Recycling pick-up will still be picked up every other week.


Church Society Annual General Meeting

The Youbou Community Church Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Saturday, May 4, at 10 AM in the Youbou Church lower hall. All are welcome to attend. The church is owned by the community and run by volunteers.


Third Annual Crabfest

A limited number of Crabfest tickets will go sale in June at the Youbou General Store for $35 each and also through Youbou Community Association board members. Crabfest is simply a community crab dinner at Youbou Hall, slated for Saturday, July 20. The Youbou Community Association serves each guest a whole Dungeness crab with all the fixings: baked potato, salad, bread, melted butter (of course), and even dessert. Non-alcoholic beverages are included and beer, wine, and cider are available for a charge.


Batter Up for Spring Season

The Youbou Greens adult mixed softball team is still looking for new players, especially of the female gender. Their playing season started Wednesday, April 24, with all but one of their games at the Little League Park in Youbou. It’s not too late to start. If you have a mitt, get in touch with Al at Or plan to come out to watch the fun.


Arise Café

Welcome to Arise Café, which opened its doors in early in April. Meagan and Hayden Johnson have rented the space that used to be Cassy’s Coffeehouse, and are offering breakfast and lunch dining Wednesday through Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm. Another delicious addition to Youbou!


Spring into Art

The Cowichan Lake Arts and Culture Society (CLAC) is hosting a couple of art classes this May in its workshop adjacent to Arise Café. For complete details on classes and to sign up, go to at

Paper Clay: Saturday, May 4, 10:00 a.m. — Jun 08, 12:00 p.m.: Sculpt your imagination with the melding of paper and clay—a playful adventure into the world of tactile artistry where creativity knows no bounds.

Encaustic Painting: Saturday, May 11, 9:30 am to 4 pm.: Learn to create captivating masterpieces with molten beeswax, unlocking a realm of texture and colour.

Mother’s Day Brunch & More

On Sunday, May 12, the best reservation in town is at the Youbou Bar & Grill with Mom for the Mother’s Day buffet. On May 4, your future awaits on Chinese buffet night, with fortune cookie bound to foretell your next adventure. And, in the always-surprising category, the Youbou Punk Music Fest is slated for May 25. Can’t wait for more details on that one, but it’s sure to be delicious. It’s always good to make reservations when heading to the pub for a special event.


Earth Day Broom Bust

The Scottish broom didn’t stand a chance when the Youbou Community Association teamed up with the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society on April 20. About 20 volunteers showed up to celebrate Earth Day by attacking this pervasive invasive species that threatens to upset the natural balance of our beloved Christopher Rock trail. The sunny morning was perfect to spend a couple of hours slashing the broom on the lower part of the hill. Then it was time to gather for hot-dogs and cold drinks, courtesy of the Youbou Community Association.


Youbou Community Music Fest News

By Heidi Kulzer, Youbou Community Music Fest volunteer

The organizers of the Van Halen tribute dance at the hall on April 20 want to thank everyone who put on their dancing shoes to join the fun. The music fit Van Halen to a tee. A round of applause also goes to the dedicated volunteers who put together the event. For information on the next Community Music event, go to the Facebook page @YoubouCommunityMusicFest


RIP “Bob”

On a rainy Sunday, March 10, a group of animal-loving community members gathered at Youbou’s Little League park to say a final farewell to the elk known as “Bob” who was killed in a late-night car accident on February 25. The event was organized by Matt Baird, so Bob’s fans could share a few memories and commemorate a memorial along the highway. Local police and conservation officers attended. In an additional tribute, Jesse Cree from Kindred Spirits Boutique transferred favourite images of Bob onto shirts, hats and other items, then donated the profits to Su Casa Rescue.


Communities Residents Roundtable

Join friends and neighbours around the lake to hear from experts about Community Economic Development. On Saturday, May 11, from 10 am to 2 pm, find your seat at Centennial Hall in Lake Cowichan. Enjoy a complimentary lunch while hearing the latest about what’s “growing on” in our lakeside communities. Register at Cowichan Lake Compass Network for lunch or email Bob@LCFN.CA for more information.


Swimming at Arbutus Park
The CVRD is once again offering swim lessons this summer. Register now for the session the children in your life might want to attend: A (July 2 to 11), B (July 15 to 25), C (July 29 to August 8), and/or D (August 12 to 22). To register, call 250-749-6742.


Youbou Swim and Sports Day Camp
Kids aged 8 through 12 can participate in the CVRD Swim and Sports Day Camp on Fridays throughout the summer, from 9 am to 3 pm. Crafts, games, swimming, and unstructured play time will all be in the mix. Kids can sign up for multiple days or single days for $40 a day. To register, call 250-749-6742, and as for code 72679.


Quieting Load Boats

As we launch into boating season, the Decibel Coalition is ready with an update on its mission to  regulate overly loud boats. The Coalition is a group of concerned Canadians living on lakes across Canada that is working with Transport Canada to establish reasonable noise limits for boat motors. The latest update is that Transport Canada is creating decibel limit guidelines, modeled on legislation passed in the United States. Those guidelines will be open for public comment as early as this coming fall (we’ll keep you posted). Should these guidelines become law in Canada, after the public comment period, there will be some time for education and awareness, followed by actual enforcement.


From Karen’s Desk

By Karen Deck, Area I Director

I’m feeling grateful for the warmer, sunnier days. I’m eager to plant some beans and lettuce and fix the outdoor pizza oven my son built a few years ago. As this summer approaches, though, I’m also feeling anxious. Will there be another massive fish die-off in the Cowichan River like last summer? Will there be another heat dome like there was a few summers ago that took the lives of more than 600 BC residents? Will we be one of the communities that experiences a devastating forest fire? Others have reached out to me with similar concerns. I’ve gathered some information that I hope will answer some of these questions.


The BC Wildfire Service has expertise and experience and is responsible for fighting forest fires.

I’ll be meeting with BC Fire Smart staff in early May to talk about what services and information they can provide to residents who wish to increase the resilience of their home in case of fire.  This website might be helpful:


The Youbou volunteer group that is so passionate about caring for the community during times of crises is engaging with the CVRD Emergency Management department to offer comfort to neighbours at Youbou Hall during power failures or times of extreme heat or cold. Because of liability and accountability issues, the responsibility lies with the CVRD to plan, manage and take action in declared emergency situations. (It’s also important for each of us to have enough supplies on hand to get by for a few days if we have to shelter at home.) For government-declared emergency situations, the Primary Reception Centre for Area I is currently designated as the Lake Cowichan Recreation Centre. More information can be found here:


The Port Alberni traffic that came down Youbou Road last year was an indication of how important it would be to have more than one way to evacuate in case of an emergency. It was very challenging for the residents along Youbou Road; the volume was incredible and the dust….! Oh my, the dust!


Power outages impact residents as well, which is why we’re still able to have wood fire places and stoves. Incentives are available to reduce the wood smoke we produce. For more information about the CVRD Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program and how to apply, visit To learn more about stacking other home heating appliance rebates, visit Better Homes BC and the Canada Greener Homes Grant or contact a home energy coach for free at 1-844-881-9790.


Finally, there are questions about water conservation. The Regional District of Nanaimo has a detailed document that lays out best practices. It’s a long read, but if you’re interested:


As tougher water restrictions are instituted, I’ll be accepting your nomination for the most dry and crispy lawn, along with a photo and contact information. Prizes will be announced when the competition begins!


Wier Update

The Cowichan Tribes First Nation, Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) and the Cowichan Watershed Board has announced that $14 million from the Province of British Columbia would fund the Cowichan Lake Weir replacement project. A new weir is needed to support sustainable water flow in the Cowichan River, as evidenced by the massive fish die-off in July 2023. Electric pumps will also help to keep minimum river flows. The provincial funding will match an existing federal funding agreement with Cowichan Tribes, enabling the partners start the building process. Paper Excellence (Catalyst Paper) has been the  existing water license holders for the weir. In 2018, with the support of the Province of BC, the partners undertook the Cowichan Water Use Plan, which resulted in a broad consensus to replace the existing 97 cm weir with a new structure that would be 70 cm higher. Engineering and design work, including a shoreline assessment, was concluded in 2022.


Weir All Connected

Find out more about your Cowichan Lake watershed at the Celebrating Water Festival—Weir all Connected on Saturday, July 20th from 10 am to 2 pm at Saywell Park in Lake Cowichan. This family-friendly event focuses on the weir project with fun and educational exhibits that feature hands-on activities, tours, and talks. Cowichan Lake and River Stewards hope to see you there!

May 4: Youbou Church Society Annual General Meeting, 10 am, Church

May 4: Paper Clay Class, 10 am, CLAC Art Studio

May 4: Chinese Buffet, Youbou Bar & Grill

May 4: International Fire Fighter’s Day

May 11: Communities Residents Round Table, 10 am, LC Centennial Hall

May 11: Encaustic Painting, 9:30 am, CLAC Art Studio

May 12: Mother’s Day Brunch, Youbou Bar & Grill

May 25: Youbou Community Garage Sale, 9 am, Youbou

May 25: Youbou Punk Music Fest, Pub

June 1: Area I Clean-Up, 9 am, Meade Creek Recycling Centre

June 21: Weekly garbage pick-up starts

July 20: 3rd Annual Crab Fest, Youbou Community Hall

July 20: Weir All Connected, LC Saywell Park

August 10: Youbou Regatta

Sundays: Brunch, 11 to 2 pm, Pub


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The Youbou Community Association is involved in helping community activities happen, such as the monthly newsletter, crab fest, New Year’s Eve, and other events throughout the year. While we love our facebook friends, an official family lifetime membership in the organization is just $10 and involves filling out a form. It is a key to knowing what’s going on around Youbou as well as giving you a vote at our annual meetings. We’ll email you our colourful community newsletter every month. To join, reach out to

Got News?

If you’d like to contribute news for the newsletter about a public event happening in or around Youbou and Area I, please send particulars about date, time and place to, by the 20th of the month, please. You can also check our web site at and our Youbou Community Association facebook page for the latest information.

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