December 2020 Youbou Connector

December 2020 Youbou Connector

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Helping our Neighbours

While the Youbou Community Association hasn’t been able hold events and raise funds this year, we’ve been carefully managing our finances, so we can help when it counts the most. We’re happy that once again, we can team up with Cowichan Lake Community Services to support neighbours in need by donating $500 to the Holiday Hamper Project to benefit Youbou residents. In the past, volunteers have gathered to compile and deliver the hampers, however Covid restrictions prevent that from happening this year. That means, instead of hampers, families requesting help will receive grocery gift cards at a nearby store.

If you or someone you know could use a little assistance this holiday, applications are available at Community Services. (The organizers collaborate with the Salvation Army to make sure there is no duplication and that every family receives help in equal quantity and quality, with the size of each family being taken into account.)

If you wish to contribute money on your own, please send your donation directly to Cowichan Lake Community Services, PO Box 670, Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada, V0R 2G0.

Light Up Around the Lake
The show must go on at holiday time, pandemic or not! The Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce is once again sponsoring a lake-wide Light Up Contest. To register for the Light Up Contest, email lcchamber@shaw.caor call 250-749-3244. This year, the chamber is promoting the theme of an Artisan Christmas, with prizes given to the homes and businesses that judges feel creates the best work of art with their decorations. Whether you enter the contest or not, we encourage you and other Youbou dwellers to string up a few cheery lights and decorations this season, ready to brighten the way for a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer. Goodness knows, we could all use a little extra brightness this year.

Santa Coming to Town?

In past years, on the weekend before Christmas, Santa has ridden through Youbou atop a firetruck for a preliminary list-check before the big day. Because of an incredibly involved toy delivery schedule due to Covid protocols, we were not sure at press time if Santa can make it this year. Stay tuned to our Youbou Community Association facebook page as the holiday gets closer to see if he can squeeze us in.

Christmas Craft Fair Cancelled

Due to heightened Covid restrictions, the CVRD has regretfully had to cancel the annual Christmas Craft Fair slated for November 28 at Youbou Hall. We look forward to a bigger and better fair next year, once the health crisis has passed.

New Year’s Eve Party Cancelled

Sadly, we cannot hold our annual New Year’s Eve Dance at the hall this year. However, we have tentatively booked Eagle Eyes to play at our New Year’s Eve Dance next year, when we hope it will be safe to come together and celebrate the end of this long pandemic. Cross your fingers!

Emergency Shelter Progress

We’ve already experienced a few small power failures this season so you’re probably wondering about the status of upgrading Youbou Hall to a warming shelter for folks in the event of a multi-day emergency or outage. The good news is that six Youbou residents have completed training for Emergency Service Support (ESS) Level 1. This a step in the right direction to having community leaders be able to staff the hall. The next step is developing a lease agreement with CVRD. Unfortunately, the pandemic has slowed CVRD progress on creating the lease, but we are hopeful we can move forward soon. Congratulations to Joelle Bellanger, Doug Barth, Mara Burnstein, Tracy Hamilton, Julia Martinusen, and Cheryl Morgan for attaining the ESS-Level 1 certification.

Road Sweeping Back

With increased logging activity and soggy weather, the mud along our roadsides has been accumulating. Thankfully, we’ll soon be seeing the road sweeper come through town on a more regular basis. Thanks to Tom Nannery, Pam Jorgensen of Mosaic, and Klaus Kuhn, our Area I Representative, for working on this initiative. We look forward to working with Ministry of Transport’s Don Legault, Jessica Learn, and Jason Ernst on creating a more regular schedule of sweeping. Emcon is the contractor performing the work so give them a friendly Youbou welcome wave when you see the coming through town.

Cowichan Lake Lamprey

Excerpted from an article by Genevieve Singleton in The Voice

The Cowichan Lake Lamprey is found only in Cowichan, Mesachie, and Bear Lakes and nowhere else in the world. While it spends most of its life in larval form, it also briefly becomes a parasitic fish that feeds off other fish, particularly cutthroat trout. While fishermen hate it, environmentalists love this rare eel. No matter what side of the issue you support, it’s important to understand the laws protecting this species. In 2003, the lamprey’s status was elevated from “special concern” to “threatened” by the Canada’s Species at Risk Act. As of February 2020, its habitat also became protected, meaning it’s prohibited to kill, harm or harass the fish and to damage or destroy its habitat. This means if you are planning on changing riparian areas (that may contain a lamprey nest), you need to obtain a Species at Risk Act permit first. For more information, look online at

An Update from Mosiac Forest Management

Submitted by Pam Jorgenson, RPF, Land Use Forester
Mosaic is pleased to provide an update on our activities in the Youbou area.
Terrain Analysis: As mentioned in our spring update, the CVRD has posted the results of Stantec’s debris flow runout model on their website. If you have any questions about the debris flow study, please reach out to the CVRD’s environment department. The results from our geotechnical analysis were shared with the CVRD and if you have questions on this analysis, please reach out to us.
Harvest Planning: With the completion of the CVRD’s study, Mosaic is beginning to work on small harvest plans for the Youbou area. Plans will be clearly informed by all studies on the hillside to date, and we will be using the best science available. As mentioned in past updates, we will communicate these plans to the community once all of the site level assessments are complete, and prior to commencing harvest or road-building activities.

Road Condition: For a variety of reasons, Mosaic had several slow months of truck activity this spring and summer. Our activities will increase somewhat over the winter, with industrial traffic coming through Youbou in the next few months being a combination of Mosaic and other companies with operations on the west coast. Truck wash utility continues to be monitored, and we will make a decision in the new year on whether to maintain or remove the structure.
We were pleased to learn of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s line painting, ditching and pavement works in Youbou in the past year. We continue to monitor road conditions and will maintain regular communication with MoTI staff and contractors on this topic.
As always, please feel free to reach out to me at Pam.Jorgenson@MosaicForests.comif you have any questions or concerns about our activities.

Are You a Member?

The Youbou Community Association is involved in helping community activities happen, such as the recent Halloween fun, hall dances, the garage sale, and many other events throughout the year. We’d love for you to join us. A family lifetime membership is just $10 and is a key to knowing what’s going on around Youbou. We’ll email you our colourful community newsletter every month. To join, reach out to

Got News?

If you’d like to contribute news for the newsletter about a public event happening (or not happening) in or around Youbou and Area I, please send particulars about date, time and place to You can also check our web site at youbouyca.comand our facebook page for the latest information.

Your YCA Board

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Co-Chair: Lori LaFave

Secretary: Randall Wilson

Treasurer: Spencer Day

Social: Eva Fearon

Garry Fearon

Publicity: Allan Gott

Membership: Cheryl Morgan

At large: Jill Bradley

At large: Debbie Smith

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